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Top Teachers:


1st - Pavlo Barsuk, Pavlobarsukdance


2nd -  Alexander Novikov, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


3rd - Andre Paramonov, Paramonovs


4th - Vasily Golovin, California Gold Ballroom


5th - Rostislav Liduck, OC Dance Studio


6th - Matt Brown, Sway Ballroom


7th - Alla Novikova, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


8th - Adrian Brian, Best Dance


9th - Alex Milov, Astoria Ballroom




Top Studio: Pavlobarsukdance




Top Overall Students:




Jamia Li, Best Dance




Barbara Renick, OC Dance Studio




Allen Brown                                                   


Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance




Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance


Top Overall Students:


Gentleman: Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom             Lady: Esperanza Chaves, Pavlobarsukdance




World Dancesport Series  Top Overall Students


Esperanza Chavez, Pavlobarsukdance


Sharon Weich, Paramonovs


Barbara Renick, OC Dance Studio


Diane Meehan, California Gold Ballroom


Tracy Kelly, Sway Ballroom


Sal Rodriguez, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


Cynthia Thacker, Santa Barbara Dance Center


Josie Lee, Astoria Ballroom


Soo Kim, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


Kristina Bunting, Steppin Out Studio


Cyndi Chilcott, California Gold Ballroom


Robert Tayler, California Gold Ballroom


Larry Donahue, Westmor Dance Studio


Sherley Hans, Vivo Dancesport Center


Robin Mock, By Your Side


Lillian Torres, Edelweiss Premier Ballroom


Stlla Pickle, Club One


Cheri Leja K, Ken Shiry, Indep.


Joanna Zhao, Best Dance


Jamia Li, Best Dance[gitte svendsen]/Castar19_ScoresheetsByPerson.htm[gitte svendsen]/Castar19_HeatLists.htm

Dear Friends:

And just like that, another competition comes to a close.  A Big Thank you to everyone so much for making the 59th California Star Ball a success.  What an incredibly talented group of dancers of all ages and enthusiastic spectators.  We could not do this without you.

Thanks to all our adjudicators, music, video and photography Vendors and a special thanks to all our staff behind the scene.

We also hope you mark your calendar for our very special diamond anniversary next year, November 27 thru 29, 2020.  Help us make next year the best year yet.

Wishing all of you a very merry holiday season filled with love, joy and dancing.




Gitte Svendsen